Welcome! I’m Jude, computer engineer turned no sugar added baker. 

Twenty years ago, on the verge of becoming diabetic, I decided to ditch the sugar and help others do the same by whipping up no sugar added desserts that could be enjoyed by all.

Before becoming a baker, I spent my days as a Silicon Valley computer engineer focusing on the implementation of systems, high availability, databases and recovery. In 2014, I took an early retirement and we moved our family to Washington’s Puget Sound to pursue my passion for no sugar added baking and recipe development. There we built a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen where I began producing no sugar added pastries with the same methodical precision required of an engineer.

In 2016 The Unsweetened Tooth bakehouse was born and in 2019 we launched a no sugar added line of traditional English fruit curds. In 2020, a keto-friendly pastry offering joined the line-up!

Desserts bring an extra joy to family gatherings and celebrations and no one should feel left out. My mission is sweet and simple—to help you reclaim YOUR place at the dessert table. 

Whether you are living with dietary constraints, a glucose-related health condition (like me!), or simply choosing a healthier lifestyle, The Unsweetened Tooth has you covered with a no sugar added fix. 

Enjoy the sweetness!